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It’s in my blood.
I know it.
However, the interesting thing about Irony is that it can be accidental instead of intentional. That’s what I discovered yesterday while clicking shots with my iPhone.
Yesterday was a splendid day –
if you love the adventure of a snowstorm.
And I do.
That was not gonna stop me from doing what I had to, which was to make a run to Starbucks to make a quick revision on my computer – the one I hadn’t been able to complete the night before, since I became engaged in a fascinating conversation with 2 Baristas and another man who sat beside me about the abysmal state of Education in this country.
And so, determined as I am, no snowstorm was going to stop me from the task I hadn’t completed the night before.
It was a bit difficult getting the Smart out of its parking spot. The night before, I had burned rubber doing so, and I was doing the same that morning. Luckily a neighbor gave me the push I needed to go skating with my car.
We skated and danced down the streets and swooshed into a parking spot filled with snow.
The sign on the door indicated that Starbucks was closing early, and as I had no idea what time it was, I soon learned I was under deadline pressure. I was the last one out of there. That was after they had told me to leave 3 times.
“I’m almost done,” I said. “I’ve been trying to finish this for the past 4 days. One more sentence, and I’m out of here!”
Getting out of that parking space in front of Starbucks proved to be highly challenging, however.
It took a total of 5 guys at various stages to push me out – but not just push me out, but to push me to the corner, so I could get onto the main street.
They were wonderful!
There the Smart and I did the Twist, to a song by Sam Cooke, until we managed to make that u-turn.
Then we danced all the home.
The next challenge, of course, was getting back into the parking space I had left earlier. This time the storm was heavy and much larger cars than mine were immobilized, spinning wheels, going nowhere fast. But I had made it to the spot, I had left earlier, but not into it.
This time my highly impatient neighbor who had earlier guided me out of the stop came to the rescue. But impatient people make me nervous and I become giddy around them and start to laugh. So it wasn’t until a patient neighbor with a very long beard, a physicist, named Brian, came out with his shovel and began solving my dilemma, while explaining the Physics of the problem.
We were a wonderful team. It took some time, but we solved the problem – through patience and calm communication.
That’s when I saw Sunshine walking towards me with her shovel and I snapped several shots of her. And that’s where I later discovered the irony of the picture I had taken.


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