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In The Hallway of Paradise: Variations

I have read amazing stories about people who have inexplicable and mysterious experiences, but difficult to prove. Below is a common story, perhaps even a myth, but that does not diminish its value—rather it invites speculation.

A woman gets in her car, but remembers something she needs in the trunk. She forgets to pull the emergency brake. She is opening the trunk when the car begins to roll backwards. Someone, from out of nowhere intervenes, and blocks the inevitable.

How can one explain this? Aside from a healthy dose of skepticism. But beyond that. What else? Is there a coherent explanation? How about speculation?

The calculation is precise—messing with Death—phantoms hiding between the shadows of Death, mocking and laughing, knowing: Death can only move forward. Knowing Death can never look back. 



Things That Never Made It Into Print

By Things That Never Made It Into Print

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