“I Never Came” by Josh Homme

This is one of those songs you can’t let go of. You just wanna hear it over and over again – especially if you’re a woman!

Even though you have no idea what he’s saying –

It’s that deeply sad voice of his, the organ, the guitar – all of that comes together poetically.

But do you have any idea what he’s actually saying?
I don’t.
Not yet.

Doesn’t really matter as long as you can listen to it, right?
But you’ll get to that, too.

And you do.
And you read the lyrics.
And they still don’t make sense.

What the fuck is he talking about!

Well you know it’s not cheerful –
It’s not like the Beatles singing, Love, love me do.

Much darker than that.

Filled with anguish and pain, the words are sad, low feelings matched by the ephemeral voice that comes out of that soul.

He talks about fake men.
“Some men are not real men. ”
(My interpretation of the lyric.)

Lots of men are just pretend.
They ain’t men.

There you go.
He says it so much better.

Poison cup.
Drank it up.
Won’t die.

His love won’t die.
And some images are especially gruesome.

Tormented by this love –
And yet, unable to reach his love.

But words.
The hardest to hear of all.
The most hurtful.

And then an elusive response, picked up beautifully by the organ, voices, and guitar.

I never came.

What does that mean?
You have no idea.
But maybe, as he says – or as we see – it continues to have a positive affect on others, but just as his love is unrequited, so will our thirst be unquenchable for this one, very special song.

I don’t know what to call it.
But you immediately realize that doesn’t matter once you first hear it.

It is a connection and perhaps helps get you through the next stage of your life?

It will possess visual information in addition to it’s emotional value as a connection.


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