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I go all woosey-sweesie-swoozey for him. 

But I can never remember his name. 

What I can remember is this. 

What I do remember is this. 

I am entranced by him. First time he did Ian. Wow. I was floored by his intensity. First time I ever saw someone do the role of a real person and have you totally convinced the real person is not the one who is not on the screen. (Or something like that.)


Fucking Degree in Moronics.  

Magna Cum Laude

That’s what that is. 

I fuckin love him.  

And his name is really simple, but it won’t stick in my head, for some reason. 
I look at it on the screen and think …

Someone I know, but not sure whom. 

So I keep scrolling 

And my iPhone is driving me crazy. My settings are totally chaotic. I hear sounds, but I have no idea what they mean. Totally fucking annoying crap. 

Looking to see if any other memories were in my head about this guy’s fuckin name!





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