I Ain’t Got TV Today —

And that.


Not that I spend much time there.  I flip between HBO and Max and spend more time there than actually watching movies, since I’m always hoping they will put something new on!  Those subscriber channels are suffering from the Disease of Redundancy.  It’s a human affliction.  We cannot tolerate too much redundancy in our lives.  And especially in those areas where we expect to entertain ourselves.  That gets old quickly.

But I am one of those subscribers — for better, or worse.

I think it’s time I renew my Netflix subscription.  I missed that so much when I was in Europe over the span of 8 months.  Before I left for Europe, I wallowed in Netflix movies which I viewed on my computer — much better for me since I am bad about returning stuff — and loved every minute of it.

So here I am once again, starving for good movies to ingest.

But in the meantime, since I at least have Internet access, I find myself being more productive, writing more pieces — as much as I don’t feel I have to.  I mean I would be rather watching a good movie than writing!  Well.  Maybe not.

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