My stats are really low today.  But do you think I care?  I am happy that my blog has had 5,000 views.  The Big Picture.  That puts it into a different category.  Someone from around the world, someone has come and visited me.  Now that’s awesome.

So, back to the Bombers. 

When someone is on a ventilator, that means their body cannot sustain itself alone — (I feel like a broken record!) it needs help, or it will die.  I remember when I worked at a hospital when I was 19 and this one patient who had no ability to survive on his own and was destined for eventual death, still got his Respiratory Therapy every 4 hours.  He did eventually die.  But he was kept alive for at least a year artificially.


His trial is going to attract worldwide attention.

Anyway, if they have to wake him up so he can “respond,” — to check and see if he’s responsive and then claim that that can support the claim that he is cognizant of what is going on…  I don’t know about that.  Once he recovers he may not even remember what happened on the day when they asked him if he understood what was being said to him.  No recollection of it whatsoever.  That’s not unusual when a body experiences some kind of shock.  This guy is not ready to be questioned.  All the government wants to do is to push this case along.  Don’t want to get stuck.  Yet by questioning him every couple of hours does not mean he is a condition to comprehend what is going on around him.  I’m a real stickler for that.

I don’t know what it is about him, but he evokes empathy.  His brother was nowhere as charismatic as him, more of a loner, and to manipulate the more susceptible one to conduct acts of terrorism — something is not right here.  Using a highly impressionable person that way.  For me, it indicates a lack of real love on the older one’s part, for the younger one.

It is good to hear like he got a good defense attorney.  Someone who has worked and knows Russian.  That should establish a sense of trust between them. 


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