How I Feel Inside

I got 2 men on the sidelines filling my pockets with rocks while I am trying to stay afloat.  Everything else is fine.  People marvel at my improvement — its speed — and I am tops when it comes to my job.  So everyone is happy.  And I am happy too.  Except for this thorn on my side — 2 thorns — that keep trying to bring me down.  They do everything in their power to further their cause.  So I am ignored.  My needs are.  On top of that is plenty of irritation because of these thorns and my patience must be virtuous because I am exercising exemplary patience under the circumstances.  But anyone and everyone who cares about me, keeps telling me the same thing:  You gotta get outta there. But I’ve already known that for some time.  Patience is a virtue.

Things That Never Made It Into Print

By Things That Never Made It Into Print

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