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Here's Why We Should Dispense Pot Among The Poor For Free

Sometimes it takes a while to make those connections just right – In other words, those months and years spent thinking about why people willingly accept blatant lies (the answer to that may be infinite) and what prevents them from waking up.
We are all familiar with the marijuana propaganda. It’s been in place as a Public Relations effort on the orders of who knows whom –
(Vague enough for you?
Good.) –
For a long time.
The more amusing aspects were early attempts to exaggerate its demonic properties in Reefer Madness. Which is now considered a hilarious epic of exaggeration.
But that’s exactly how some people perceive it still. Marijuana makes you a lunatic.
Put that up against a “mentally ill person” and you got a dynamite combination.
But let’s see if we can find where the actual lunatic lurks here…
First of all, I propose pharmaceutical companies designate 20% of their research to the properties and applications and development of these properties for therapeutic and other value.
Otherwise, why bother studying marijuana? It’s a plant that grows abundantly and easily accessible.
Now we don’t have to paint the pharmaceuticals as the Evil Giant in the room. In fact, they don’t have to do much at all. Just not choose to study it.
So if they are forced to devote 20% of their Research (that’s a big percentage) to marijuana as an act of giving back to the community –
Well that would work.
As for the title here.
I got distracted.
I went off on a tangent.
I knew the pharmaceuticals were connected to my theme.
So the pharmaceuticals produce lots of really expensive drugs that mostly don’t work to treat psychiatric phases of Depression or Bipolar Episodes. And they’re really expensive. So they make a lot of money, dispensing crap.
But not just crap.
Dangerous crap.
Just read the warnings on the bottles.
Scary Shit.
A real gamble.
And yet, these meds are pushed on patients.
So if you’re lucky enough to find a medication that will help stabilize your moods with no side effects – i.e., You don’t feel like a zombie or after you’ve gained 80 pounds as one of the meds side-effects. – then surely you’ll stick with it.
Unless you’re a total fool.
When you find something else that helps you manage your medical condition but it’s classified as a “dangerous” drug, you are forced to break the law.
My question is:
Where are the laws that protect my rights as a patient? What right does the government have to withhold a substance that is medicinally beneficial for my condition?
Can they do that?
Winding my way back to my theme …
Not there yet.
Will get there.

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By Things That Never Made It Into Print

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