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Goodbye Homer, Goodbye Clouds

… Remember that piece of shit I was talking about? …

Well it’s a bit difficult to analyze.  So I may get mired in my attempts to do so, while extracting what I can.  And will begin with a word about 2 comments posted on YouTube about The Guards of The Tomb of The Unknown Soldier, by someone who thought he was clever, shot the evening of a demonstration, this one primarily by The Anarchists, who amazingly—one wouldn’t expect this, would you, now?—showed a sharp sense of social boundaries and distinctions, made their presence felt, then returned to their homes…

No violence.  No shedding of blood.  Instead, a lesson in civil disobedience.

… Unlike Msoolala, the bright one, who roams unbridled, and who is a sterling example of the kingdom where he comes from —The Mighty Kingdom of Ignorance.

Msoolala is also the ideal specimen to show the rest of the world, for I had been talking about him (even though I had not personally met him yet) the night before, in my previous post, a small note at the bottom of the page, the next to the last paragraph.  There, I was much more diplomatic and kinder.

Not so here.

And although I had drafted several notes about the limitations of technology already, which I had planned to discuss, I found technology working in my favor last night.  And I always give credit wherever and whenever it is due.

I could have deleted Msoolala’s comment, but I chose not to.  (I tried to respond to the comment, and even though it was my channel, I could not!  Perhaps just as well.)  Instead, I decided to keep that piece of Ignorance right where it stood, as a reminder, a lesson, perhaps.  And determined that I shall always allow Ignorance to make its presence known and felt and seen.

However, thanks to technology, I can block its discreet particles, from making future comments.

I can make them vanish!

And I did.

And I shall.

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