Full Circle

Sometimes we think we are going somewhere when actually we are on a track to return to our point of departure.  Even so, along the way, we gather more experiences that contribute to our overall development as human beings.

But you gotta wonder sometimes…

How is it we imagined we were moving forward when actually we were traversing the path of a perfect circle, unknowingly returning to Point A, to deal with unfinished business?

Perhaps we had attempted an escape of sorts, only to realize that events, sometimes beyond our control and eerily smacking of destiny or fate, have actually brought us exactly where we need to be, to complete what had been left hanging and unresolved?

But in the intervening time, during our stops along the circle, we have been altered profoundly, and we bring what we have gained with us, and so begin our journey once again from the same point from whence we began, but forever different.



Things That Never Made It Into Print

By Things That Never Made It Into Print

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