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Fly Away Thursday

At least I think that’s when it began.
Sometime in the middle of the night when Tiny Mystery occurred.
I was fast asleep.
And stayed fast asleep through whatever happened.
But when I awoke, after I had had my mug of espresso, reached for my blog, and started scribbling whatever I had to say that moment –
That’s when I got around to looking at myself.
That took a while.
(Actually longer than a while …
Took forever to get my head out of the clouds that morning.) –
That’s when I looked down at myself –
Something must’ve not felt right cause I kind of shrugged.
Something wasn’t on right.
And that’s when I saw my top was on backwards!
Cause I didn’t remember going to sleep with it that way on.
Thought about it for a little bit.
But kept on going to the next task in …
My Guide To Waking Up Each Day
It’s almost time for my meeting!
20 minutes still.
Surely I can keep track of that, right?
Anyway I could mess that up?
They worked on me for 1:15 minutes.
They rearranged me several times and ended up pasting sticky notes all over me with specific times and dates of the challenges I faced ahead of me.
There were many.
More than I could ever meet.
A big challenge lay ahead of me.
I drove to the Whole Foods at the Inner Harbor.
Replaced the damaged Buddha Bells I bought yesterday and zipped out of there without any further incident.
(Last night I was blasting Joy Division as I pulled up the hill at the Whole Foods parking lot. It was working fine. The cars ahead me had no problems. The mechanism to issue a ticket failed when I got there. They tried to fix it and they couldn’t. So they opened the gate and gave me carde blanch to make sure I got out of there.)
When I returned, the oldest man (there were 3 total, trying to figure out why the ticket dispenser had failed) was still there – the one I don’t remember – and he grinned when he saw me, and did a thumbs up!
I had no idea why.
But I smiled anyway.
I blasted the music on the shitty Smart speakers on the ride back home, whistling all the way back.
On the way back I kept losing the stickies. (I was looking pretty frail according to Sticky Standards)
I ended up at my local Starbucks, by Hopkins. Where all the crazies go –
That’s when I looked down at myself – And from there wings sprouted and I flew away.
The biggest mystery of the day, however, was how I managed to wake up with my shirts (sweat and tank top) on backwards.

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