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Fiddling Around

With WordPress themes.

This one is … was BLASKAN. BOLD, but much too tight, hard on the eyes.  Fonts bleed into one another.  Surely would drive me crazy.  Ugh.  And, by the way, why can’t I single-space?  When I hit Return, it automatically takes me two floors down!  Not so on the phone app, however.

I’ll be coming back here, periodically, while fiddling.

A work in progress …

And time for a break!

Cannot handle visual assault.


This one might work.  Wasn’t crazy about the the bloated title of the blog — one line too many!  But when I put the Art there, behind it, I kind of liked it.  A bit difficult to read, but didn’t bother me.  In fact, I kind of like that.  Especially the line below the title being faint, almost like a ghost.  Boo!

This one is called Tonal.

However, a few glitches, here and there.  When I tried to close the Custom Bar, it crashed.  And the link on the Blog (my view) to Edit is dead, apparently.


And when you update, the Editor doesn’t show that cloud that says, “Updated.  View …”  Instead, the only option is to “Add New,” which is not what I want to do!


Not at all friendly on the iPhone.  Symmetry is lost.  Header Image and Title outta whack!  Plus, going blind trying to absorb white lettering on dark background on tiny screen.


However, this time, the Edit feature on the Blog did work.  And the cloud I complained about above appeared!  Ghostly, for sure.

(Using New Editor)

Much too unpredictable.

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