Eye Dream of Einstein

I was going through my photos so I could make more space on my phone and I ran across a series of shots I had taken of quotes and they happened to quotes by Einstein and I remembered I had had several dreams of him long ago. 

The details of those dreams have most definitely been recorded in one of my journals. 

But the most challenging question right now is …  

Which one among them all did I tuck my dreams of Einstein in?

One, especially, has been imprinted somewhere in my brain. 

Sadly, I cannot provide a verbatim quote of the exact conversation the two of us had then.  


I can provide a rough sketch, culled from memory, and a few pictures. 


I was in the back yard of the house I lived in (the second one) as a child and I stood watching and feeling deeply disappointed while watching others board a space ship scheduled to explore other worlds when Mr. Einstein showed up. 

“Where did you come from?  And, why are you here?”

“I came to stay with you for a couple of days.” (Think he said “3”)

“You did?  Why?”

(He could clearly see how disappointed I was about being left behind.)

“To talk about other things.”

“Oh.  Okay.”

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