I’ve always loved that word.
From the moment I first heard it –
I said:
That’s it.
I’m an Existentialist.

But how do you explain Existentialism?
It’s pretty morbid.
But maybe the explanation is not as important as the feelings associated with this philosophy.

Maybe if you understand the feelings – maybe if they make sense to you – that’s all that’s needed to understand the philosophy.

So what are some of the feelings associated with Existentialism?

Despair; Alienation; Nightmarish – living the same one over and over, extreme suffering or total ignorance of what is happening to you; Hell; Irony.

Not a fun bunch.
Except intellectually.
As an exercise.

But highly typical of Depression.
A medical condition.

I understood it mostly through the works of various playwrights –

Sartre, No Exit; the Irish Guy, whats-his-name, who wrote Waiting for Godot. And a couple of German playwrights whom I can’t recall, their names, right now.

Add to that formula a bit of Surrealism and you’re set!

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