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Exclusive Status Update: Facebook

What’s On My Mind?
… And I’m not the only one who feels this way, Facebook …
I know others who feel the same. (I’m not talking about those who really know you and those who you really know and who know what’s going on and understand the Silences.)
… It’s those other ones …
The ones who rarely come around, the ones you never see, the images of excess baggage, dragging you along a Station, that relentlessly keep swimming in your head … 
The Strangers we ALL know and have met before – 
The Arrogant Ones
Or Misguided Ones
The Ostentatious Ones
THOSE are the ones who need a different moniker, Facebook …  
Something other than “Friends.”
Instagram works much better. 
For me, at least. 
That’s ALL about Images. 
The Eye. 
No pretense there. 
And far more delightful to cross, even momentarily, another who loves the lens, just as much as you do … And who truly meets the criteria of a Stranger, yet oddly, feels like a friend …
From throughout the entire globe!
And is much less pretentious. 
There, you merely “follow.”  
And FAR more exciting. 
So would you please stop making it impossible for me to deactivate my account!
(In the meantime, I suggest you establish a new category here, titled, and devoted in its entirety to … “Strangers”)
That’s what’s on my mind, Facebook. 

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