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Edgar Allen Poe in Baltimore

I’ve been here since late August of last year, and only now am I able to explore the amazing city of Baltimore.
Yesterday, while driving, I spotted the sign for Poe’s Baltimore living quarters and I had to see it.
I fed my Google navigator the address and headed there.
“You have reached your destination.” It said.
However, Google navigator also had once told me I had reached my destination, and there to my left, was a pair of railroad tracks.
So I’m a bit cautious about Google’s ability to accurately pinpoint destinations.
“This is not my destination.” I had said. But do you think I got an answer?
Once again, it repeated the closing statement, telling me I was where I wanted to be, but clearly I could not see the building I was looking for.
What I did see was a group of low-rise, brick public housing buildings that were identified by letters of the alphabet, as in Building C. It reminded me of a movie I’ve been watching about an Island Prison Reform School for criminal adolescents, where they are stripped of their identity, and instead referred to as letters of the alphabet, followed by numbers, much like the buildings before me.
So I plugged in the navigator once again and retraced my steps. I drove cautiously down the street, and, to my surprise, Google had, in fact, nailed it.
I suspected the brick theme of the buildings on the block was consciously designed to keep the historical nuance of the famous Poe building – to blend in.
However, I am deeply unhappy that the spot where Poe died in a drunken stupor has also not been memorialized.
Can’t remember now if it was in Philly or Baltimore where he met his tragic end, but that spot also needs to be identified, so that we remember how we treat Artists while still alive.
I see a bit of poetry here, however. He is among those who are as he was.






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