Earthquake, Tsunami hits Japan.

It’s really kind of interesting how this disaster is being covered by the news giants.  There really weren’t many visuals — aren’t yet.  And the few they did have were eerily weak — no sign of humans amidst the debris.  And yet, they must be there, most likely casualties of this awful storm.  Power outages have also played a role in this lack of information.  When your communication network breaks so suddenly…  Well, how are the survivors coping with how they have been affected?  The tsunami was so fierce — traveling at speeds of 500 miles per hour — and this is a tragedy, we realize, that had no chance of making it.  Not enough time to warn people to leave.  It reached the shores of Japan quickly and collected debris as it moved inland.  No trace of humans yet.  Will we ever know how many?  Possibly.  Anyway, when your communication network crumbles, for us, at least, it’s like being tossed backward — our Dark Ages.  So for now, all we can do is wait and see what the recovery effort will produce.

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