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Dylan in Baltimore (PART I)

Ever since I got to Baltimore I started listening to Dylan. Not really sure why. But he’s been one of those musician/ songwriters whom I have known since I was twelve. And through the course of my life, he has always been there. He’s like a mother. They never go away. But since then I have only listened to him by accident – somebody else was listening to him; I was at a diner, eating; random and unscripted appearances in my life.
So this is the other part.
I’ve spent hours looking at the blue skies of Baltimore from my window (That’s where these things come from) and the broad street below. So I’ve been fantasizing about him pushing me in a wheelbarrow down 25th Street (big and not busy). It was one of those things I had to at least try to accomplish before I died.
How cool would that be?
An old man and woman in the street,
In a wheelbarrow.
Does it get any cooler than that?
Last night I got closer to my goal.


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