Drifting Backwards … To Antiquity … With My Dog

It is not difficult for me to go there alone. It’s a natural place for me to be. But imagine my surprise when this lovely little dog crossed my path, abandoned by a human, and I snatched him up, took him home … Little did I know our tastes would match so splendidly. 
It was one morning along our lengthy walks – not knowing where we were headed, but following his lead, anyhow – that I realized just how perfectly we were tuned to the pitch and frequency of one another.  
We drifted into the Past …
He was determined to wait for the performance to begin. But who among the ancients would capture us with the beauty they provoked? Would it be Aeschylus, Euripides, or Sophocles? Or would it be Aristophanes?  
He patiently sat …  
In the Shadow of Antiquity. 
But it was hot. And eventually I persuaded him it was time to leave these ancient shores, let them sleep  – perhaps another day, they would grace with their poetry. And being a hound whose lineage reaches into antiquity, he understood, and took shelter in the shade, but determined to stay, nonetheless, and wait, as you shall see. 
CHARIS … The Hellenic Hound of Antiquity

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