do the boston bombers parents know they confessed ?

That’s what somebody searched for and was directed to this blog. 

Interesting question. 

But what does it matter at this point? 

To the mother, her eldest son was killed in what she sees as a conspiracy.  He was framed, she said.  No one wants to hear about what actually happened.  i.e., Her sons committed a terrorist act, which she may have secretly agreed with in principle, but the actual horror of it is too much to digest. 

I couldn’t help but notice the stark difference between her and her husband.  He was much older and very Western in appearance.  She wore a scarf and spoke in good English and looked like a devout Muslim.  Radicalization might have even began with her.  This so called Misha opened their eyes, apparently, to their religion. 

They saw it more clearly. 

But it was a destructive glimpse of the world.

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