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Dissecting NY International Shipping

Either people are dunces and fools (which I think not) or NYIS thinks they are.  But they are the dunces and fools.

Remember that website I mentioned that contained fishy reviews?  I thought I was on yahoo at the time, but instead my husband had opened another site purporting to be the repository of reviews and I wrote a review there, which was gobbled up by their technology (I tried going back but it had already been swallowed) which thanks you for submission once it has been received and informs you that it will be edited for publication purposes, and could take up to 3 days before published.  Hm.

More fishy smells coming from those quarters.

The note which thanks you, if you look closely, is actually an advertisement for the services of the company you just reviewed.  Now do I expect to see my take on NYIS published there?  Of course, not.  But go ahead.  Take a look for yourself at the site, read the syrupy reviews of places like NYIS.  Didn’t check to see what other companies advertise there.  That should be interesting.  Who else does business with NYIS?  I bet Cuomo would want to know that too.

And who owns this so-called website of reviews?

Questions, questions.

However, since they have a link to contact them through an internal email format, I took the liberty to copy my letter to this operation first, and publish it here:

How do you expect to get a real assessment on a company when that company is paying you to advertise their services?  Your reviews are fraudulent.  You are selling a product, not a receptacle for the actual customers who have experienced a business association, whether it be good or bad, with any given company.  That’s called fraud, too.

They even have ads by Google on their site.

Internet hooligans?

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