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2 replies on “DID YOU SAY, "WOMEN'S RIGHTS?"”

democrats do tend to go to sleep whenever a democrat is president. they care about how stupid war is and corruption and civil rights losses and things like that once a republican gets in, but until that happens they just let their own president get away with– absolutely anything in the world. after all, its really all the fault of congress…
of course theyre awake now– this is their cue.

Things were good when Carter was President. Student loans were manageable. Federal loans were available at 2% interest rate. That’s why I went back to school, to finish my degree. I could afford to do so. National Student Defense Loan, I think it was called. So I give Carter a lot of credit for investing in the education of Americans, making it affordable. Whereas now, the banks are running the show, and kids are being riddled with debt for their entire lives – for what? For the right to get an education? So the lenders can stuff their coffers while they strangle students, force them into indentured servitude for the rest of their lives? Following Carter, we’ve been slowly spiraling downwards, regardless of the political affiliation of the elected President. You might say Democrats have really been moderate Republicans. Having a Democrat in office did not diminish our appetite for conquest and profiteering from war, but Cheney certainly came out ahead when it came to invading and profiting from bogus wars, although the same cannot be said of the veterans who fought those wars, and came back mangled, amputees, and distraught from the horror of killing others, being in a position where you HAD to kill, otherwise you would be killed. Don’t consider that a positive or nurturing experience. It’s about time Democracy woke up. It’s been asleep for way too long. And we can thank Trump for that. What lies ahead is anyone’s guess, but optimism is probably NOT on the menu. As for women’s reproductive rights, the right to determine what they shall do with their bodies, instead of others, well, like I said, Democracy fell asleep at the wheel, or maybe it was hijacked. Either way, the outcome is what we now have to face. Furthermore, corruption is not a lightweight matter. Neither is civil rights – unless, of course, you have not experienced what it means to have someone trample on your liberty simply because they don’t like the way you look or act. As for Congress, I’d advocate flushing the entire lot down the toilet and start with some fresh blood – not elected because they have the money to get their name on the ballot, but rather elected because they have something of value to contribute to country, besides bloated egos and hunger for power. That’s how Democracy works. Unless, of course, we’ve all been suffering from the delusion that we are governed by the principles of Democracy when we are, in fact, nothing more than fodder for the aristocracy of America.

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