Nikon D90

D90 Technical Malfunctions at March to Restore Sanity

The first few pictures I shot were beautiful.

The colors were all vibrant and they possessed much variation, not high contrast, which personally I like, but a lot of people do not.  These pictures were taken after I had to wrestle with the camera because it was not responding properly.  I would click the shoot button but the shutter froze and did nothing.  No picture.  Then it gave me an error message on the control panel which I was not able to exit.  So I was forced to turn off the camera, and when that didn’t work, I removed the battery to shut down all operations.  That usually worked, and would get me back to picture taking mode.

But the frustration was incredible.

This was such an exciting shoot, and my camera was giving me fucking problems.  So I did what any rational person would do at this point:  I randomly pressed buttons —whatever buttons were present — on the camera, hoping to unfreeze it.  Well, I must have pressed one button that increased the contrast considerably.  I really liked them.  Some of them looked like paintings.  But my husband considered them failures.  So it’s a matter of tastes, really.  Can’t make someone feel something they don’t.

I still have not gone through the pictures since posting them.  I look at one, every now and then, just to see what interests people.

Finally, I charged the battery and put the camera back in its case.

It needs a doctor, I think.

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