Cupcakes Never Hurt In A Crisis …

Who can resist cupcakes?

I can’t. 

So I dropped my iPhone in the toilet, um, the other day. I retrieved it. Quickly covered it with a fluffy towel to absorb as much moisture as possible, and appeared to be okay, but next morning was listed in Critical Condition. Was mentally disengaged. It was flipping and jumping around, and demonstrating all sorts of psychotic behavior. It’s brain was jumping around randomly showing new configurations (irrational ones) on the screen.  

ASKING LOTS OF QUESTIONS, like, “Why not?”  

Things that pop up when the phone is bobbing around your pocket while you’re moving through your day and activate themselves and – Yep. Another one of those things. 
Your phone should never control you. That’s the first rule.   

It’s quieted down now, so I hope it lives until I get it to the store tomorrow. 
Time for cupcakes!


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