Crashing Into Another Blog

Total accident. 
I rarely have the time to document my thoughts, let alone, catch up on many other fine Artists, Poets, Bards, or, genuine something – (lets just stick to the theme of being different, for now and realizing that at at early age. The world looks very different to you.)

Well, it was exactly like skipping down the rabbit hole. In fact, as soon as I got back from an unsatisfactory and overpriced fast food – worse than Chipotle’s – the kind of place  that’d make you think..  “Let’s get the fuck out of here. We’ll starve, if we eat here. Let’s go to Chipotle’s … Only to discover that this place  is the Brain Child AND actual offspring of Chipotle’s. 

Herb Salad = Cilantro and Basil
So that’s what YOU guys call a salad, huh?

“Yes, we do,” the ones who will inherit what’s left of the PLANET, our World – the lucky ones. 

Anyway, after words, when I drove back to the house, I was thinking about the Alice – it kept growing roots on my head – the name, Alice – and I kept thinking that was my real name. Not that I was Alice (well, maybe a little bit) but that would represent a better translation of my Mediterranean name, which is Vasiliki, In English, and, Βασιληκη, in Greek. Betty is nowhere near the right direction. It’s like a curve ball, or something. 

Let’s break it down finally – once and for all of those who destroyed it, mostly Americans, whenever you attempted to utter it. 
Whenever you tried to say it, I would scrunch up and blow straight back to BETTY in a flash. 

First of all, the letters are familiar letters of many other languages, right?


a, l, i, k, i


(Is it finally starting to sink in?)
IN GREEK, the k is a hard “k.”
In English, it’s a soft “c”

The i and the e are pronounced the same way – like an e. 

Peters actually pulled from the corresponding name. 

So where the FUCK did Betty come from?
I’m cool though. 
I’m not much of a materialist. 

And then. 
AT SOME POINT TODAY, I landed on someone’s blog, and they surely must’ve thought:  “THIS woman is FUCKING CRAZY!”

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