Correction: DOJ:ADA Federal Complaint

This link (the one below) is the correct one and includes the text of the complaint filed with the DOJ. Not the earlier post. I explain what happened, insofar as the confusion between the two, in the body of the complaint.
Ironically, in 2014, the DOJ was interested in a complaint I had filed against Suburban Hospital in Bethesda, Maryland, regarding an experience I had there, with Dexter, an Emotional Therapy Dog, a delightful ShiTzu, while visiting a hospitalized patient. That  experience interested the DOJ. They kept that file open for a year, but as things were totally crazy then, I could not provide all the information the DOJ had asked for.
The traumatic experience at the ER, in Baltimore, in the Summer of 2015, the text of which is provided by clicking on the following link, has still to garner a response from the DOJ. Thus, it is reasonable to deduce that sadistic and highly unethical behavior toward another human being does not interest the DOJ, as much as the Therapy Dog Incident.
DOJ ADA Complaint

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