Corporate Weapons Against Consumer

Corporate Weapons Against Consumers: Electronic Voice Programs

I hadn’t planned on writing about this topic, but it just so happened, I had one of the most absurd attempts to talk to a human.  It was impossible.  I couldn’t get through the computer which was programmed to keep everything at a distance — especially by the consumer who may have a grievance with the corporation.

I don’t know what it is about telephone companies.  I had a pow-wow with the VP for Business Development (or something like that) for 3 months.  The dude had an interesting name too.  It was from Ancient Greek mythology, and it was clear he knew how special his name was, and its source, and seemed to derive great pleasure from this.  But he turned out to be a real slime ball in the end.  After it became apparent that he had no intention of doing anything about my grievances, I essentially told him to fuck-off.   And I chastised him for not living up to his name.  Shame!  But I also provided a sharp critique of the company to him and the discussion boards about At&T in general.  I wrapped my comment into about 8 short lines.  To the point.

I don’t know what it is with these dudes.  The seem to be deficient morally.  And who knows what they believe in?

Now Verizon uses another technique to terrorize the consumer and that’s to never let the consumer get to a human voice during any connection.  I was on the phone being routed and re-routed into the same circle of idiotic dialogue, and so obviously deficient in humane approaches to business.  I figured I probably could’ve gone round and round all evening with that single phone call.

Then, Verizon uses a number that belongs to somebody else, a consumer (?) for their contact them number.  This guy has a recorded message that says this is not Verizon, so don’t leave a message because it won’t get to them!  Way to go for a communications company, huh?

My intention, of course, had been to help out my husband who has been wrangling with them since the service first started, in July of this year.  I was going to have a little talk with them.  But I was surprised, I must say, by the brick wall they put up to keep us away!

Earlier in the day, my husband spent 2 hours on the phone with Verizon, trying to straighten out our account, which had been charged for services we never bought or had agreed to.  So they thought they had the right to charge you whatever they wanted to, and denied my husband’s request for a credit.  They stuck to their guns, but it wasn’t long before their logic showed its flaws, so you know what they do then?

They accidentally hang up on you.

Only it ain’t no accident!

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