Where to begin!

Here we go, then.

First, there is nothing mystical here.
So If you are affiliated with any organized religion, now’s a good time to make an exit – fast!

This is more about having a rotten memory and a really bad sense of time and space. However, there are some positive attributes attached here – at least, I think there might be.

For example, if it were about Confession in the traditional sense, then, having a bad memory is definitely a positive attribute, as you cannot recollect what you have done.

And that is probably very good.
Very, very good.

Furthermore, a bad memory can foster infinite surprises, such as –

I said that?
No, shit!!!


But the reason I came here now is because I was browsing through my stats, and saw what piqued other’s interest here, and frankly, I have no recollection whatsoever of what I’ve written unless it’s in the immediate past.

Much better, however, with images.
Those are cemented to my head.

So when I see the title, “Married To The Mob,” I’m going …

What the fuck was that about? What was I thinking!

The intrigue, of course, is to never go back again, so I’m pretty reliable when it comes to that.

But …

Perhaps, that reliability is propelled by fear, in which case, it may be a good idea to sink into a comfy chair, and start assembling the pieces of puzzle?

Not that interested.
Not yet, at least.

But it’s really awkward when someone tells you they really liked a piece, and you’re praying they will provide the link …

But all they say, “It was the one where you talked about how much you love storms.”

And you’re going …
But which among them all?
There have been so many.

And you fear (there it is again!) you may be mistakenly thought of as stupid, but that’s exactly how you’re feeling, when you try to diplomatically request a link to a piece of your blog.

To this day, I have no idea which storm he was referring to.

Yeah, right.

You might say something like …
“Check it out. Investigate.”

But when your blog is haunted –
The only thing you can be certain of is that which is not certain.

To believe in the reliability of Uncertainty profoundly piques my interest


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