Clouds Threatening Friday

It has been incredibly warm here today.  In the 80s!  And it’s still early Spring.  Monday there is a frost advisory.  So in a way, that makes days like today more precious.  They are fleeting.  But when they come through, behold, how staggering they are!

Anyway, it looks like rain tonight.

It has been incredibly interesting —how shall I put it? — visiting blogs?  I see that I have had some visitors, so I have gone to see who they are, read their stuff, and all I can really say is that is an interesting community.  For it is a community.  And this is what they do best: explain their experiences using words.  When you walk amongst them …  you kind of find where you are on the spectrum of those with similar disorders and experiences. 

Sort of. 

(I don’t know what I was saying just now.  I just know I drifted off while I was writing and wrote — automatically? —damn.)

I am surrounded by so much pollen.  Thankfully it doesn’t bother me.  But you can see it collect on your car and other objects outside.  It is incredibly humid.  I am surrounded by trees in an urban – suburban setting.   Urban.  Suburban.  Whatever you want to call it.  But it’s like a hybrid of the two.  Really, neither one.  It has a public transportation system, but if you have been accustomed to driving looks daunting to a driver.  There are bus stops linking the surrounding communities that are on obscure streets, wooded, and with no sidewalks to protect the pedestrian from the road.  It’s amazing the bus drivers do not miss this stop, for it is tucked away, too much so, for my tastes.  It’s not like you’re in Chicago and you don’t want to drive downtown.  There are numerous ways to get there on safe and efficient public transportation. 

This here feels Neolithic.


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