Cigarettes And Those Who Smoke Them

No words can describe how pathetic a species we’ve become.

These days it is politically incorrect to smoke cigarettes and those who do smoke them feel the acute prejudice of those who do not and who want to control what others do, namely, smokers.  But as far as I know it is still legal to smoke this plant even though environmental restrictions continue to mount that cast smokers as contemptible human beings whose niche grows tighter each day.  Haven’t you ever noticed those looks of disdain as you stand there smoking a cigarette — in public — by passersby?  As though you alone are producing the greenhouse effect by puffing on a fag!  And those health conscious institutions that ban smoking on their campuses simply exemplify the absurd behavior toward smokers further.  What is a smoke-free campus after all?  Whose rules are those?  Do they own the air?  Of course not! Besides, last time I checked in with Mother Nature, she said smoking on her planet was fine by her.

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By Things That Never Made It Into Print

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