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Choosing How To Die

Under no circumstances is suicide the best option for the several reasons we have discussed elsewhere on this blog.

It’s completely valid.
The goal is to stop the pain.
And it does that.
While the rest of us are left to cope.

Not highly recommended.

So now let’s look at a parallel expression of that option.

You are treatment-resistant – which means you have not responded to treatment. It has failed to produce the desired affect.

You’re on the merry-go-round of various drug companies, willing to take what they have to offer, in the hope that it will work, but it doesn’t.

It doesn’t prevent a near-fatal suicide attempt.

So essentially the drug has failed. But it’s not as bad as the previous drugs, and better than those that followed it, so you finally settle on your best option.

You’re not a happy consumer.

So after spending about 97% of your life Depressed, you change a couple of things, add sun exposure and the sea, and you find this helpful.

Add to that a dash of ECT.

And your almost there.
You now can do the things you need to do to feel happy and fulfilled.

You’re there!

But alas.

Along with that treatment plan comes a diagnosis of Melanoma.

What would I choose?
The latter.

For even to quench your thirst for a little bit with the taste of joy is much better than not to quench it at all.

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