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What many don’t realize about Chicago is that it is a major industrial hub.


A lot of people think of Chicago as a major city but have no idea why. Like New York, it is culturally rich. Its center rests on a Great Lake. So lots and lots of fresh water. It has brutal winters. And fierce winds – I got swept in the air once, on my way to school at UIC! If I were to describe Chicago in one word. It would be Incredible.

It also happens to be a major trucking stop for trucks going in four different directions.

Great road system.
Extremely organized and complex.
And busy.
Very busy.

But what I love best about Chicago is its drivers. You better watch out if you’ve never been there, and come from a place like Rockville Pike, Maryland, cause when in you’re in Chicago, you gotta know – they make it loud and clear – You better get the fuck out of my way, or I’m going to crush you.

There’s no way mistaking that message, now, is there?


Lo-tech industry.
Still strong.

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