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Thought I’d use the symbolic value of the eye here, so I cropped everything else. It’s such an easy symbol. Who can wrong with the eye?
This series is called …
Too Fucking Lazy To Tap
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Brazilian Blogger, Chris Guerra. Accidentally stumbled on her through Instagram (That’s what I love about Instagram.) 
An incredibly beautiful and stunning writer and Activist who’s into tattoos and clothes and models her particular piece of the day, highly influencial, book signings, appearances, public speaking engagements, a mother, and a heavenly beauty who is an influential writer and much more. 
Why is it that we never hear about these really interesting people here in the US?  
Are we that culturally isolated?

The Abysmal Truth About Rockville

You can get from here to Rockville in 45 minutes. Straight down I-95 South. In other words … Not far.
So do you ever hear of Dylan making a run to Rockville when he’s playing Baltimore?
Or anyone else for that matter?

Example: “THIS IS NOT (Watercolor)



Example: "THIS IS NOT (Watercolor)



“Intentionally Offending Someone” (What does that mean?)

I often come across titles whose subject matter often remains a mystery to me.

That happened with “Married To The Mob”
That title drove me crazy.

What the fuck was I thinking about!

So here we are again.
With one of those gems –
For an endless source of amusement.


How do you intentionally offend someone?

Are you civilized about it?

You have a snot hanging from your nose. (Just wanted to let you know.)

What do you do?

You tell me the truth.