The Abysmal Truth About Rockville

You can get from here to Rockville in 45 minutes. Straight down I-95 South. In other words … Not far.
So do you ever hear of Dylan making a run to Rockville when he’s playing Baltimore?
Or anyone else for that matter?

Here comes the best part. The End!

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But Which Way Is Up. …. ?

It’s probably good that I’m pretty looney when it comes to navigating round this planet by now –
Pretty sure of that.
If I knew which side was up in this piece, I would tell you. But I don’t have a clue which side is up.
Thus, I decided to provide a choice – instead of a shock in the arm – just in case –
Playing it on the safe side.


My tags.
Had fun playing with them!

The Sad Truth About Having Kids

They hate you.
They want you to go away.
No way. (On Christmas.)
So along the way …
You adopt orphans.
Who love you the way your kids never will.
The sad truth.
Better than nothing.

The Hopeless Generation

That’s where they live.
Void of any meaning.
Totally numb to our problems living fleetingly from moment to moment, totally innocent. Totally Creative.
Total what?
Not suitable for war
Much too eccentric.
The most rebellious of women.
And men. Blazing trails into Space.
And really dumb.
And totally lovable creatures.
Who gives a fuck?
And guess what?

Maybe not so dumb after all.