Other Senses, Other Places

I’ve often poked at my obsession, passion for music, and stated that my tolerance for listening to a piece of music – whether it be a song or an opera, Mozart, Beethoven, or Bach – frequently clashes with those who are around me.
Even though they make like the same piece, their saturation level is breached far earlier than mine, and leads them into madness, momentarily, where they beg me to stop playing the music, which of course, I find amusing and ignore – but not out of deliberate malice. I simply need the music to thoroughly drench, not only my Soul, but reach into the nucleus of every cell in my body.
Why? Why must it travel that far and so deeply?
Not sure.
But here are a couple of guesses and recent revelations …
There definitely is some sort of connection between here and there
Maybe there’s lots of work to do down there? Repairs, etc.
I have often thought of the Universe in terms of Music and Mathematics, keys and strokes, equations precisely put and held together, yet also lucid, malleable and infinitely variable. The ultimate Time and Space connection – where it seldom matters what time it is here (cause we’re lousy timekeepers) but there. 
That’s my theory.
Back to Earth …
While I still don’t know why it must travel that far inside of me, I recently realized, that when it gets there, it stays there, permanently.
Not only that –
But from there, it comes back to surface and manages to fill everything around me – it lives in the walls, both literally, and metaphorically. I can hear it. And that, luckily for me, means that I can listen to it until the very end, that I never have to play it again. It is the shield that protects me. Always.
No doubt, this may be hard for some to swallow.
But lots of things – far more sinister than this – are hard to swallow.
For example …
Notable exceptions … Such as …
WordPress, The Master Of Chaos, where everything crumbles instantaneously, just as it did when I tried to publish this piece.

The Advantages Of Being FORCED Into Wakefulness

As you already know, yesterday was all about Time.  This trend picked last night to fully blossom with a true blast from the past. The Perseid Meteorites?  I was prepared for those.  But this? Not a chance.
On my way to an evening of Music, Dancing in My Chair, and Jaegermeister (Did I spell THAT correctly?) with friends, just as we had finished dinner, I received a notification that there was a comment in response to something I had written on amazon.com — yep, we’re talking about the same time-frame, I just posted about, a few minutes ago!
If that’s not synchronicity, I don’t know what is!
I looked at the comment, bewildered by its significance.  It was very brief, and answered a question I had posed at the end of my piece, about stylistic issues. So then, I began climbing yet another set of steps into the past, as I read my review backwards.
We had already begun walking to the Katafygio, my favorite hang-out here, since the guy who owns it is both a musician and deejays the music there, and has a fantastic sound system …
So, the place is not more than 200 meters away, and while I am walking, my eyes are stooped over this review I wrote, and I’m mumbling, out loud, while Vangelis and Susan are a few steps ahead of me and are tracking me.

Totally, forgot I had written this.  TOTALLY.
It’s not bad.  I should add it to my writing samples, wherever they are.  (Definitely in a cloud, but not the same as the clouds Big Brother currently commands and oversees.  It’s my cloud, alone. But ever since I fired my Muse in early 2015, I have a really hard time tracking its orbit and location. It’s a complicated mathematical equation …)

So here it is!
(Thanks to an unassuming stranger who stopped by, and who had snatched it from the cloud, brought back to me, and placed it in my lap. Many thanks, GS!)

Waking Up The Past

As I mostly drift through sleep and wakefulness, last night (I think it was) I thought it was time to pull something from the Past I had written about particular concepts of Time and Space.

It was over 5 years ago, when I was last in Greece, for an extended stay, and which incidentally, is when I began this blog.  It is my homage to The Greek Concept of Time and Space, written shortly my arrival on the scene, and, after a whole lot of twists and a whole lot sweat on an April day in Athens.
I will most likely delve into this lovely subject once again …


Yesterday's Sunset … Transitions

I’ve already posted some shots on Instagram of Yesterday’s Sunset, and don’t think any of those are included here, but one can never be sure!  
I had gone for a late swim and it was particularly clear, following the previous night’s storm, and so the lines were crisp, and the mountains were beautiful, and the sea was calm, so I couldn’t resist. 
Chilled in my wet suit, I decided to sit beneath the mermaid, so I could dry somewhat, before the Sun went down. And then I looked up, and I thought … Click, click, click.  And that was it. I was shivering by the time I forced myself to stop, but it was worth it!
I was more curious about the camera’s ability to face the Sun, without losing its focus. The 6sPlus drives me crazy every time I’ve taken a shot of the Moon. It can’t focus on it. Every time it looks at the Moon, it goes Berserk!  And that just is not acceptable! So I need to start shopping for something more reliable. 
The first shot was taken at 7:35 PM, and is of the Sun still high, but starting to go down. When I looked at it, I thought, “Wow, look at those rays!” 
At 7:57,  I turned around and took a shot of the other side of the harbor, where I swim, and where it was still daylight there. You can see the Sun reflected in the foreground, on the Boulders. 
The next 4 shots were recorded, starting at 8:03 PM through 8:06 PM. It was extremely difficult to pick out a few, out of the hundreds that I took, so I left that task to today. But I keep checking the times of the shots, as I was baffled by the differences in light. But I’m quoting the cameras clock here, not mine. 
Nothing was altered. What you see is what the camera captured with each click. 
So here they are …
7:35 PM

7:57 PM

8:03 Pm

8:04 PM

8:05 PM

8:06 PM

Oh. Here’s the mermaid!
Oh, well. I guess she swam away …

Stepping On The Brakes


So I finally got the chance to spend some time here, on my actual computer, and figure out what was here, in terms of ease and maneuverability of my blog, cause I was having a really hard time searching for stuff on my own site.  Had no idea how to find anything.  So, added some widgets, as well, but not crazy about the cat — where it’s at, I mean — but I can live with that for a while, cause cats are totally cool!

Excuse me, now, gotta go and dance to 80s British tunes.
Gotta wake-up!