Diagnostic Statistic Manual Needs A New Presciption To Describe What Tunnel Vision Obsessed Them To See Human Behavior In A Profoundly Limited Piece Of Fabric

You gotta admit. Something is not right up there? They construct full mosaics of people and strip them of their authenticity as humans. This is utter nonsense.  
Who are these fools who have been in Medical School for 8 years – 
And, this is it? 

This is the product of their knowledge?  

Playing with scissors and construction

The Genius, Chris Burden, Modern Art Revolutionary and Visionary, And Just A Nice Guy! 

Lately (this past week) I’ve been flooded with memories from the past I had thought I had finished with come to the surface with a thrust so fierce – The Death of Chris Burden, which for me represents the resurrection of his spirit as an Artist of profound significance who has been years ahead of others. 
And damn. 
You should see how handsome he grew the longer he lived. 
He was hot!
Enough of that. 
But it is extremely strange when you have the past suddenly reappear in some formation or through some event that seems to both mourn his loss but revel in the knowledge that he shall always be considered the most Visionary Artist of the Post Modern Art Movement. Art has risen to another level with the appearance of Chris Burden. And so now, while we mourn his death, new generations will also come to know his work and its  profound affect on both viewer and artist as the art object. And, The Moral Dilemna of Art and The Humanization and participation as voyeur usually at a illogical exhibit – a man sits under a pane of glass at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago and no one but the artist knows the terms required to end the performance. Three days, was it?  
It was chilling. 
And it fucking blew away people’s minds. 

Just a nice guy!
(I have no idea why I said that …