The Wakeup Call



The fundamental nature of the optimist is, as is for all humans, a complex equation. We are all programmed to behave in a certain way. But how we respond is significantly affected by our engagement with our environments. That cycle helps establish patterns which thoroughly affect and, more often, than not, eventually predict our responses. And though the fundamental equation is fixed, it incorporates a vital and necessary element —  it breathes. And each breathe contains the element of the unknown, the unpredictable. Why? Because we are human. And though the equation is fixed, and thereby secure, and is never fully eradicated, it shifts, moves, evolves, develops  — just as humans do — and is often irrevocably altered. Perhaps.

It may be that the code for an optimist is embedded in their DNA, indeed, probably is — as all other traits — and emerges at the moment of birth. It also may be that part of the code for the optimism also contains the opposite trait — cynicism. But it is highly unlikely that either of those traits —  as with so many others — are expressed the moment the infant travels through the birth canal and takes its first breath. And yet, there it is already activated at birth. 

The needs of infants are simple: they require nurturing, nourishment, touch and love. How those needs are fulfilled influence and determine one of the most vital characteristics of all humans — bonding. And that effect is immediate, though not immediately expressed. Instead, it lies dormant, until it’s ready to manifest itself, which is not long afterwards. But it is highly unlikely that infants exhibit cynicism as soon as they emerge from the birth canal and take their first breath — not just cynicism but optimism — and all of the traits encoded and embedded in their DNA. 

And yet the evolution from optimism to cynicism is as natural as the air we breathe. And though the seed does not perish, once you’ve reached that threshold, crossed it, moved beyond it, you must often regress before you can reach and find the seed, the source. And so, you return to the labyrinth of many doors, without knowing which door is the right one, the one that fits the key you carry. 

It’s not the imperfection of humans that is so troubling, for the optimist accepts the premise that humans are inherently flawed. Rather it is the extent of those flaws, their expression, their dimension, their depth, their width, that overwhelms the optimist. It is the noose around the neck that keeps squeezing until it’s almost unbearable, but not quite enough — hopefully — and once that noose loosens and expands, before balanced is restored, the cynic plunges, and hits the floor, dazed and weak, but still breathing, and gradually regains the strength to stand upright and start the cycle all over again.


The Night Before The Primary 

Which one?
California, of course. When news organizations pronounced Hillary the winner, even though the election was still a day away. Really?  

And you wonder:  maybe all those Conspiracy people know something you don’t. 

Please stop making stuff up.  
Who, What, When, Where, and Why.
First Rule of Journalism 101. 
You guys are all Yellow. 

Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell in America's Health Care System

St. Alexius Brother’s In HOFFMAN ESTATES, Il
(Submitted to Yelp. Almost positive they’ll yank it.)
After coming from a State with a horribly disfigured Health System, when I walked through the revolving doors at Alexian Brothers, I thought I had walked through the doors of the Hilton. OR, The Waiting Room of Heaven. EVERYONE was SO nice. No one pushed you for money at the front door, like most hospitals do now. And the service is prompt and high caliber. Some Administrative Glitches where someone obviously didn’t proofread the Information section and the Address was rendered in Computer Jumbo. However. And this is an important however.  The United States Post Office figured it out!
The diagnosis was accurate. 
I showed almost all symptoms of Concussions. 
(Curious whether Yelp will strike that last sentence.)
Oh, well. 
So there is not much to do other than rest for it to heal. 
The discharge forms had the diagnosis, but nowhere where I could, at least, see, were there specific discharge instructions. They told me (verbally) to come back if I showed further symptoms. 
As I sat around resting, other symptoms began to emerge, associated with Concussions. Mild ones, like Double-Vision (once) and Blurred Vision (several times).  
But here’s the creepy thing about concussions …
While everything appears to be functioning, they are marching silently – or rapidly – toward catastrophic damage to the Brain and can be deadly without any warning. Or, you can endure long-term damage. Or, you can heal. One never knows how one’s body will react. 

(As  can see, a few glitches here. I lifted this draft from Yelp. Who knows what they embed behind the page?)


As I said, I could literally feel the holy air wafting through the ER. The air was warm, but not too warm, and full. There were halos everywhere you looked. The staff were selected for their healing skills, putting people at ease, naturally. 
So the first visit was comprehensive. But between the first visit and the second visit, I received a letter from the hospital’s attorney, threatening to sue if I didn’t pay The Bill. 


Diagnostic Statistic Manual Needs A New Presciption To Describe What Tunnel Vision Obsessed Them To See Human Behavior In A Profoundly Limited Piece Of Fabric

You gotta admit. Something is not right up there? They construct full mosaics of people and strip them of their authenticity as humans. This is utter nonsense.  
Who are these fools who have been in Medical School for 8 years – 
And, this is it? 

This is the product of their knowledge?  

Playing with scissors and construction

U.S. Vulnerabilities. Snow. And More Snow!

This one is nice though.
The last one was a national disaster.

Imagine. If some group decided to attack, this area,

was itsperfect, couldn’t get any luckier than this …




VERY, very quiet street.   



There’s a Full Moon. 
DAY 5 … They finally showed up. 


Read warning ahead. 


There’s nothing like listening to Glenn Gould sing Beethoven to me …
Or bring Bach to my bed

On a cloudy day.