The Fickle Ear Is Nowhere As Fickle – And A Lot Kinder – I Think – Than The Fickle Eye

The Fickle Eye is a lot more ruthless than The Fickle Ear, I think, and the reasons for this are many and it is far too early in the morning to plunge into those matters now, since I am still asleep. 
But here is what I posted on Face Book about a song composed by 2 songwriters/musicians and interpreted by Maria FARANTOURI … (And which I am too sleepy to proofread right now.)

I RARELY down-vote music, and I feel it only fair to explain why I do – on the rare occasion that I do. Here, it’s not because of the music, the composition or the lyrics – all of that is incredibly moving. 

But I learned about these brothers, identical twins, young, 25 yr old musicians, at the concert I attended in ASTROS, this past week, which Maria FARANTOURI gave, and who explained how these 2 talented musicians would not budge their musical vision when they approached her about this song (Did they compose it for her? Can’t remember now. But they did want her to interpret it, and she agreed to do so.) 

During the concert, she sang the song, of course, and it is THAT one – her voice, alone – that rendered the best interpretation, I think, unsullied by other voices, just her deep and mesmerizing and clean contralto. So, having heard THAT, before I searched the song on youtube, with her singing it there, on that dreamy night, is -it seeded, her voice alone, is the version I fell in love with. And THAT is why I down-voted this beautiful song, composed to lyrics by Brecht.

SO …

SOME things just grow on you. Even though I down voted this interpretation, I still added it to my list of Favorites on youtube, and guess what? 

But it is far too early in the morning to explain why …
But here it is:
Ta Patomata … “The Floors” (Brecht, FARANTOURI and M&P Kalogerakis)


I thought I was seeing a shot from the Past. I had 2 things to do before I left and headed to Chicago:
My worst Substitue assignment was long term  – ideally.  But I went nuts. I was passing kids who were failing and couldn’t fail and forced them to repay me by making-up a dish assignment – Greek Rice Pudding. 
Greek Rice Pudding uses a few simple ingredients – heavy cream, sugar, eggs, and the most divine spice of all – fresh vanilla – but it’s easy to mess it up. Not sure what the secret formula that is so essential to its success is, but it’s the best!
As soon as you pour it into cups or dishes, you sprinkle cinnamon on the top – that may be a “divine” ingredient – and it’s aroma and taste is irresistible. 
But I didn’t expect him to know that. 
I wanted him to demonstrate his commitment and integrity – as well as have a kinesthetic experience, which also required math, and a finished product in 45 minutes. 

I HATED teaching that class
It was a nightmare. 

Imagine now. 

You have between 28 and 32 (the max) in a class and you teach the identical lesson 5 times that day – well, how many pizzas is it?
(Answer here, please.)
The Chairman of the Department, clustered under ART, knew she had to get me out of there. 
I refused to go to the grocery store st 5:45 AM, so she had to do that. I would, however, get to school by then, to prepare for classes, which I did, all the time. 
Well, anyway.  
Despite my catastrophic performance, I have many students who befriended me after that on Facebook, and I’ve been friends with them ever since. 
Nick is a musician and was also one of my students then. Sweetest and most talented of them all. They all gave me a hard time, especially the guys. Not Nick. So he’s been in an ensemble (not sure what else to call it, since the one guy plays several instruments). LITZ is the name of the group. Simply outstanding. 
Nick is a keen observer too 
One day I was chastising the guy who sat next to him (they always sat together.)
And I said to him:
Do you realize your eyes are totally blood shocked?  Couldn’t you wait to smoke?

And they would laugh at me. 
After that I could head to Chicago. 

Will Greece Fall?  Of course, not! OXI

Below is the most gratifying comment I’ve ever written! In response to The Absurdist Tragedy of Greece now  – 

(The Final Act.  Scene I)

See? Democracy works. But if you just sit on your ass, glued to soap operas and reality show nonsense, instead of getting out on the streets and making your voice heard (It’s hard work, dammit!) and then you elect a government that reflects the nation’s angst … someone outside the Tower of Babel, concedes that common sense must prevail, instead of the yahoos who keep squeezing and saying, “MORE austerity. More!” What is it that they refuse to see? That it’s been an abysmal failure? A humanitarian disaster?


As for those former ministers – Samaras, et al – who now have the nerve to challenge the current government, they failed miserably. They were squeamish about standing up to those EU ministers, and thus, they played an active role in the present state of the nation.

Of course, the people will once again say – as they’ve said many times before – OXI. Enough of this Absurdist Drama. But you can bet plenty of material will be there for Satirists, both high-brow and lo, to feast on for generations and generations and …

Good work, Boys!