Uncanny Spaces Up There

You know what I’m talking about. 
(WordPress, if you don’t fix this problem soon, I’m going to have a tantrum on Twitter. I want SINGLE-LINED SPACES. WHY CAN’t YOU GIVE ME WHAT I AND OTHERS WANT, huh, more control over our formatting –

Oh wait. I think I get it. 
Do we have pay for single-lined spaces, to keep them in? The spaces, I mean. This is appalling. And don’t try to get into a spat with me on Twitter. We all know who will win that one. 

And, finally. 

(See BMW tweet.)

The Night Before The Primary 

Which one?
California, of course. When news organizations pronounced Hillary the winner, even though the election was still a day away. Really?  

And you wonder:  maybe all those Conspiracy people know something you don’t. 

Please stop making stuff up.  
Who, What, When, Where, and Why.
First Rule of Journalism 101. 
You guys are all Yellow.