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Buddha Matches!

The weather was drab today. Even the Harbor appeared dull. The entire afternoon was filled with gray hues – a color I find extremely challenging and one I stay away from. Nothing captured my interest there – nothing I would want to document. But the weather was temperate and the fresh air, uplifting.

Down the street from the Harbor, there is a shop I’ve wanted to enter, but it has peculiar hours (Could be me, too. The one with peculiar hours) and I noticed it was open for business, so I stumbled through the door, knocked a few things over (It was crowded!) and inhaled whatever aromas wafted through the air – and there were many pleasant scents there.

And then, I stumbled onto this …

Filled with my favorite colors and the one I am drawn to the most – Buddha.

I had to have it.
To add more Tranquility my environment.

It wasn’t until I came home and looked at the bag that I discovered the name of the shop where I found him:



What a day!

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