Brandon Flowers

Brandon Flowers, the lead singer of The Killers, released a solo CD this past year, and I was excited about buying it, so I could hear his work as a solo artist.  The CD, Flamingo, has some beautiful arrangements and lyrics, but they seem to be misplaced somewhat.  That tight feeling when you hear The Killers is missing.  That indescribable thing that brings it all together, I mean.  I’ve only listened to it a few times, as I do not derive as much pleasure from it, as I do other work.  Still, in a way, it’s unfair to say the CD is a failure in any sort of way.  And I do look forward in seeing how this solo venture will influence the next album of the band.  For he has shown he has enough passion to take us to other places through his voice and the music.  And, while I had my favorites playing on iTunes, his song popped up, and I immediately perked up, and said to myself, Is that Brandon Flowers.  That’s good! That then makes me think this CD is a collection of songs that sound good among other songs, by other artists.   They are the kind of songs that stick out.  When in a different context.  And it’s not fair to judge this album based on his work with The Killers, but that’s almost impossible not to do.

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