Boston Marathon Bombers

This may be a guy who is legally responsible for his acts but by outward appearance, appears angelic-faced.  I just cannot reconcile the picture of this boy being involved in a conspiracy —  He’s clearly just a kid in so many other ways.  It’s as though you take this malleable, impressionable and highly intelligent kid, who is under the spell of his older brother.  It’s important that the role of his older brother be scrutinized closely.

He is certainly by no means normal.  I mean, who can do that then pull that switch and just blend into his regular routine the next day.  What does that tell us about him?  In the end, he seemed like a frightened kid who had done something horrible but doesn’t know what it was?  I mean, his capture, aroused everyone’s curiosity.

He was used by his older brother.  That, in itself, makes him a victim.  Very easy to do with someone who follows you around like a puppy.  That is sad.  Such a bright and sociable individual turns to out to be brainwashed by his older brother.  Too bad the older brother died.  He, too, possessed valuable information…

This will be a fascinating puzzle to solve!

And a Great Tragedy.

And then the final irony.

He is shot in the neck and cannot speak!

And, he is on a ventilator.  Now when somebody is on a ventilator, that means they are being kept alive by a machine.  I don’t think he’s in any position to provide reliable information.  This guy is semi-conscious.

This will be a historic marker for us in the future —  The Day America Changed.

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