Bird Epidemic Press Coverage

Seems a bit odd to me that so little press has been devoted to the massive deaths of birds recently, starting in Beebe, Arkansas, and reaching all the way across the Atlantic to Scandinavia.  There is nothing normal about the sudden death of 5,000 birds.  This is either a virus, or something else.  What that something else may be, however, is unknown at this time.  But what could it be?  And the possible explanations offered so far are nothing more than someone’s fanciful crunching facts.  A storm?  C’mon, now.  Birds are better able to detect weather patterns than us humans, so that doesn’t seem plausible.  Then, fireworks.  Not exactly the kind of thing to make birds drop dead all of a sudden.  So that makes it smell fishy, that they would offer these as explanations, very shaky ones, in fact.  And expect us to believe them.  So why doesn’t the real story get out, and what’s holding the press back from investigating this more fully?

Things That Never Made It Into Print

By Things That Never Made It Into Print

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