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Bipolarian Characteristics

The Bipolarian Organism is extremely efficient and Spartan. They spring back from near-death experiences like pros. They just won’t die sometimes.
They range from the complete socially advanced members of their species, to the less educationally solvent – and they are often referred to as losers, as well.
They can be found far – widely and deeply.
Their culinary palette can range from exquisite to hot dogs with mustard.
However, there are a few items and certain herbs that are essential to their increased creativity, without the extreme effects of a full-blown mania (which would render them nonfunctional and would be a poor investment) and continuous cycles of creativity.
They are …
Fresh Vegetables
Bottled Water
Hummus –
Oh, wait.
Wrong Group!

Fresh Vegetables
Bottled Water
They’re different
Thus we can say they possess magical powers and may be perceived as witches at times.
But they’re not witches.
They’re thought machines.
Their brains are working at maximum speeds.
So if we can extract those molecules, then we can reproduce them in the laboratory!
How could I forget!
They need their meds.
Otherwise they get into trouble.
Anyway, The Bipolarians have every thing they need to thrive on their world and have been exalted to the status of Godly Creatures. That’s in their world. Since the environment is favorable Bipolarians achieve a certain equilibrium which allows them to function at their peak. And this is where their value and status lay.
Now imagine putting all that in a pill?

CANNIBIS is no different than any other therapeutic and medicinal agent – it won’t help everybody; but it can help many. It is under such an ethical umbrella that Cannibis belongs. Physicians, especially, have taken an oath to help and heal. They must then listen to their patients. When one is in chronic pain, you can be sure they’ve searched remedies for that pain already.
But in terms of Bipolarians, specifically, Cannibis prevents the escalation into mania by slowing down the chemical firings that would ordinarily take one there.
This is the knowledge they have brought us. They are supreme beings in their world because environmental conditions provide them all they need to operate efficiently and surprisingly, quickly.
However, on this planet, they face assorted environmental challenges and have come to share how to best cope with these challenges in our world.

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