Best Medicine Ever: Greece

I don’t know what it is about Greece, but no pill form has been able to capture its healing qualities.  Whenever I go there, I feel better.  It’s summer, of course.  And the combination of the Sun, the dry climate and the Aegean form the best treatment for Depression or Hypomania.

The chemical composition of the water there, bath temperature warm, filled with salt and iodine, soothes the body of its aches.  I never want to get out of the water when I’m there.  The dry climate controls the fluctuation of moods and you begin to feel more stable.


It’s amazing.

A fantastic selection of vegetables and fresh fish bring vast improvements to the body and the chemicals it needs to feel better.

Now if pharmaceutical companies could put that in a pill, all our problems would be solved, wouldn’t they?

A lot of people don’t like Athens.  It’s small and filled with graffiti, and lots of cement structures— because of earthquakes — which form the bulk of the city.

Concrete City.

But then it’s also very small and walkable, almost like a complimentary of Philly.  Except you can see the Parthenon from almost anywhere in the city.  One of the main roads of Athens is Patission, where we stay.  Well, as soon as you’re on it, heading towards downtown Athens, you can see it.  It’s amazing!  And then everywhere they dig they keep discovering more and more parts of Ancient Greece below their feet.  It definitely affects you.

Athens.  Dusty and small.  A lot of people don’t like it. But if you are into the rhythm of a city that never sleeps, you’ll probably love it!  And it’s certainly better than sitting on the couch, watching lousy movies over and over.


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