Bank of America Customer Service Surveys …  And Betty


That was my first response to the Bank of America Customer Service Survey. BOA is extremely serious about behavior and human interactions, which also interests me, so I love taking these surveys. 

So, they were not happy with my response of Confusion and wanted me to provide more details, so I did.  

I had understood when I had spoken to the manager at this branch that if I opened a savings account, the monthly service fee ($12+) for the primary account would be waved. Apparently that’s not the case. So I walked in there intending to solve a problem, and instead was faced with more problems, and a description of banking in general that seems unnecessarily complex and leaves the consumer with nothing less than a headache. No, I was not satisfied with this visit and experience.   

Get that plug out of your arses and stop creating nuisance business situations, that simply aggravate people. 

Enough is enough. 

So I hope they’re satisfied with my response. 

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