The End Of A Road

Baltimore, State Under Siege

Can’t contribute any information prior to late August of 2014, since that’s when I got here. But even then, my first assessment of Baltimore, an American City under multiple levels of heavy security, and rightfully so, since it is directly something (East?) of DC, the Capital and its suburbs, like Maryland, where many of these operations are sourced. Virginia, too. But Maryland, especially Montgomery County, is such a bland social region, has lots of tall buildings, smack in the center of Rockville, and other highly covert campuses where operations take place and which are inaccessible to the public. So this bland reputation is actually beneficial insofar as covert operations are concerned because they always want to keep a low profile. 

But the thing that puzzles me are the people who work there and live in the surrounding community and suburbs, such as Virginia. 

Who are they?

If they work on covert operations then your neighbors may not be who you think they are, right?  

A scenario right out of Schizophrenia’s Book of Paranoia!

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