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At The End Of The Day When The Skin Starts To Sag, Thus Forced To Face Yourself Grow Old, But Your Spirit Is On Fire. 

So what’dya do then?
You’ve never owned a mirror – other than a cosmetic case or those above a bathroom sink. 
Last fall when I was under the misperceptions that I had finally reached the last leg of my journey through Divorce Land, it occurred to me. 
It occurred to me right there, inside Linens and Things. It occurred to me that I had never bought a full-length mirror before, so maybe now it was time to buy one?
Well, by the time I got it at an angle in the SMART – well, I had already accrued 7 years of Bad Luck, but I didn’t even know it, until I drove away, and something happened that drew my attention to it. When I realized what had happened, I returned to the store and told them what had happened, and I couldn’t afford 7 years of Bad Luck, especially at my age, and I needed to get away from that mirror right away. They gave me a credit right away. And, they commiserated with me briefly. OMG. Seven years of Bad Luck. Omg. 
So it’s the end of the day now and although I haven’t moved much – although  much more than I have in recent weeks – I have traveled thousands of miles in my head. 
The End Of The Day
Growing Old
Never Gonna Grow Old – No matter what
Stages Of Life
Nonsensical Things


(NOTE: Total Photographs Refers to my library – not self-portraits.  I’m not that vain.)

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