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Are The Pontians Media Hogs, Or What?

As I’ve said before, the crafting of History is a tricky business.  Those who attempt to explain historical events must consider numerous influences and actions associated with any given topic.  It’s the perspective that matters, after all.  Is it cohesive?  Is it broad enough?  Does it do any injustice to any other persons or groups?  Does it mislead?  Are there those who distort what has happened and therefore render a historical opinion instead of documentation of events?  All these are important questions which anyone who attempts to write history must address.  (So many italics here.  So sorry.)

So for the record, here, the Greek Pontians are not the only group of Hellenes who were subject to ethnic cleansing by the Ottoman Empire.  There were others as well.  As there were still other ethnic groups who were cleansed from the Ottoman psyche.  And it is the job of historians to provide an accurate record of events.  Correct?

But, hey, everyone.  How about giving the Pontians a break?

How about allowing them to express their horror of their albeit regionally-specific extermination publicly?  How about not worrying today about the other groups who were cleansed?  Or the impressions the Pontians might leave by defending their history?

Or if you can’t let go of that…  Where were those other media-shy Hellenes of yesterday?  Where are their descendants?  And what has stopped those others in a show of solidarity?  Not just the Hellenes — But those other groups subjected to extermination by a whimsical Ottoman Empire?

The Pontians?

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