Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse had an amazing voice.  It was often difficult to match her actual age to the age of her voice.  For her voice had the sound of soulful experience in it.  She was definitely a Blues Diva.  So what was going on there.  Amid a terrible addiction that made her unreliable when she performed.  But when she did perform (don’t know if she was sober or not) she just had an amazing sound to her voice.  In her short life did she experience all she sang about?  Cause that sure was a lot of pain!  I’m almost not surprised that she died so young.  The great ones usually do:  Jimmi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, — and right now I’m having a hard time remembering her name, dammit! Which I just remembered as I was having that thought.  But inside I was singing her song — the great Janis Joplin who drove a Porsche when she was like, 25? 

Amy Winehouse was the voice of Soul.

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